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April 13, 2019

Arcade Perfect Podcast Ep 29 - Ninja Spirit


It’s the Arcade Perfect Podcast Episode 29 and it’s time to head to Japan and fight the spirits, Ninja-style! This episode we are reviewing all of the versions of Irem’s classic 1988 game Ninja Spirit with our special returning guest from Japan Mark Smith from YouTube channel Retro Core.

We chat about our arcade memories of hanging around the game wishing we had the money to play it and also past experiences of owning 8 and 16 bit versions.

We decide which version is the Golden Turd and should have been chopped into pieces with a razer sharp Katana or possibly be returned with a receipt to the shop.

Special thanks to Mark from Retro Core for joining us again!
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Thanks to our listeners and Patreon’s as always.

A very big thank you to Garry Arnott for making up our episode avatars. You're awesome 
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