Join Taggsta and Daz as they sort after the best Arcade Perfect home ports on Console and Vintage computers.

September 22, 2019

Arcade Perfect Podcast Ep 36 - Street Fighter 2

It’s the Arcade Perfect Podcast Episode 36 ‘Street Fighter 2’ This episode we have record number of ‘New Challengers’ reviewing the ports of this iconic fighter.
Joining Taggsta and Daz this episode are Rich Yaxley (RGDS Podcast) and Mark Cassar (This & That Gaming Podcast).

We talk about the arcade scene in 1991 and what it was like to be around during the arcade release of Street Fighter 2 and plenty of story’s are shared. There’s the usual trivia on the game and then the guys put up a huge fight (of their willpower) to play through the ports and not one but multiple systems games end up in the Golden Turd Slop Bucket, new term we will take from Rich Yaxley 🙂

Oh, and Chun Li drops in too with her Spinning Bird Kick and banter.

A very big thank you to Garry Arnott for making up our episode avatars. You're awesome

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