Join Taggsta and Daz as they sort after the best Arcade Perfect home ports on Console and Vintage computers.

December 20, 2018

Arcade Perfect Podcast Ep 24 - Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja

It’s episode 24 of the Arcade Perfect Podcast and we are getting all festive as it’s our Christmas Special.
What’s more Christmassy than Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja to end the year!! 🙄
We are joined for the first time by a really bad dude, Peter Biu (one of founding members of Australia’s Retro Domination Podcast)
Which conversion is worthy of saving President Ronnie from the Dragonninja and which one gets the tinsel decorated Golden Turd?

A Big thanks to Peter Biu for joiningus on this episode.
Have a great Christmas and thank you to everyone who guested, got involved and joined us on Patreon this year. We will return early in the new year !

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Outro Music - Wes Paul - Bad Dudes (Stage 2) Metal Remix : 

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